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Prospective Students Master

The following students are currently enrolled in the M.Sc. program:
Yemen Horticulture Abdo M. Saleh
Egypt Horticulture Ahmad A. M. Ali
Yemen Horticulture Abdolhakeem A. Dobaee
Yemen Horticulture Mohammad S. Deefallah
Yemen Horticulture Ahmad Y. Hejazi
Egypt Horticulture Islam M. Abdesalaam
Saudi Arabia Crop Science Mohammad I. Matrodee
Saudi Arabia Crop Science Tallal K. Elateeq
India Range Sci. & Forestry Basharat M. Daar
India Range Sci. & Forestry Jahangeer A. Malik
Saudi Arabia Range Sci. & Forestry Khalid H. Almutairi
Saudi Arabia Range Sci. & Forestry Mohammad H. Aljasir
Saudi Arabia Range Sci. & Forestry Mosa S. Almutairi
Yemen Horticulture Ahmad A. Elaizari
Saudi Arabia Horticulture Zuki A. AlAbas
Saudi Arabia Horticulture Fahad m. Elhoshani
Yemen Horticulture Bandar M. Elmonqedi
Egypt Crop Science Eid I. Eid
Yemen Crop Science Arif M. Elshomeri
Pakistan Crop Science Mohammad M. Jaweed
Pakistan Crop Science Diya Amjud
Egypt Crop Science Omar M. Mostafa
Egypt Crop Science Ahmad S. Salama
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:41am