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Head Message Thank you for stopping by the Animal Production Department website. The department has an essential role since its establishment in 1965 serving the agricultural and industrial sectors through graduation of more than 1000 students with bachelor's degrees and more than 100 students with master's and Ph.D degrees.The department faculty consists of 23 outstanding scientists in all animal production fields, providing you with a challenging and stimulating, curriculum in teaching and research.The Department offers Undergraduate (Bachelor's degree in animal production) and Graduate Programs (Master's degree in farm animal & Master's degree in poultry production and Doctor of Philosophy degree in animal and poultry production). The department of animal production deals with the academic and applied aspects of animal and poultry production and research, breeding and genetic improvement, management and disease control. The department concentrates on research oriented towards increasing animal productivity in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ibrahim Alhidary ialhidary@ksu.edu.sa phone: + 966 1 4678473             + 966 1 4678475 Fax:     + 966 1 4678474


The department looks forward to becoming a high-level scientific center, enhances the march of scientific and technical progress to serve the community, and contribute effectively to the economic and social development in the Kingdom, through the development and the development of livestock and incr


Active participation in technical and scientific renaissance that started to be regular in the country and enriched -research, teaching and guidance- in the field of animal production and food security.


About section

The Animal Production Department was established in 1965, as one of the main departments in the college of Food and Agriculture Sciences at KSA. It is concerned with teaching sciences of animal and poultry breeding, physiology, nutrition, health and management of livestock sector. The department conducts applied research to improve the quality of animal products. In addition, a significant contribution of the faculty members as consultants strengthens the collaboration and cooperation of the department with governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as industry sectors. This collaboration creates training and job opportunities for students, as well as enhancing the awareness with the problems in the livestock sectors. On top of the department objectives is graduation of qualified students, and prepare them well to perform their role in society. The master program began in the academic year 1405/1406H, while the doctoral program began in 1424/1425H. Since the department started till 1433/1434H, about 730 undergraduate students, 57 master and 2 Ph.D. students have graduated.


Degrees conferred by Department:

  • Bachelor of Animal Production
  • Master of Science in Farm animal
  • Master of Science in poultry
  • PhD in Animal and Poultry Production


Projects & Publication: Faculty members of the department have obtained more than 31 funded projects during the last four years from National Plan for Science and Technology of King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology and other funding organizations. Furthermore, the department publishes more than 440 scientific papers in refereed journals since started till now 1433/1434H., of these, about 111 ISI scientific papers in refereed journals during the last three years.


Annual reports: The annual reports usually covers all the areas related to the department activities throughout the year. The activities include the following: change in teaching plans and policies, research publications and funded projects, community service and training, conferences and all other academic activities.


International cooperation: The department is currently conducted several international cooperation projects with various foreign institutions and universities where some researches are carried out in collaboration with Alanra and FAO organizations; also the department collaboration with two highly cited scientist within the distinguished scientific fellowship program. There are also contracts with visiting professor. It also created some research groups funded by various institutions.

Community Service: The department conducted many activities that contribute to service a large segment of society through scientific advice and analysis of animal and feed samples.  Faculty members also contribute in many internal and external committees. It linked with several research partnerships with large agricultural companies in the field of livestock.



Department facilities and laboratories: The substantial facilities in the Animal Production Department consist of:

  1. Experimental farm: The department has an animal and poultry experimental farm located in Al-Ammariah Province, about 15 km from university campus. There are different kinds of sheep, goats and poultry. The goal is to train students to be qualified to take part in the development of the animal industry in the Kingdom, and to carry out the research experiments on various animal and poultry breeds.
  2. Laboratories: The department has ten laboratories. Each Lab is equipped with different equipment and apparatus, through which can achieve the goal of the program as follows:


        The Department Laboratories are:

  1. Animal Nutrition Teaching Laboratory
  2. Animal Nutrition Research Laboratory
  3. Poultry Nutrition Laboratory
  4. Poultry Breeding Laboratory
  5. Animal Genetics and Biotechnology Research Laboratory
  6. Meat Production and Quality Laboratory
  7. Assisted Reproductive Technology Research Laboratory
  8. Environmental Physiology Laboratory
  9. Animal Health and Diseases Laboratory
  10.  Animal and Poultry Health Research Laboratory



Area of graduates work

  • Teaching Assistant in the department (Distinguished graduates).
  • Technicians or research assistants in the department.
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Water and research centers.
  • Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
  • Saudi Wildlife commission
  • Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.
  • Grain Silos and Flour Mills Organization.
  • Specialized agricultural companies: in animal production farms.
  • Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labor.

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E-mail: apds@ksu.edu.sa

Tel of dept head: + 966 11 4678473

Tel of secretary: + 966 11 4678475

Fax: + 966 11 4678474


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