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No. Services Test
1 Artificial insemination programs for farm animals Artificial insemination programs of farm animals may use frozen or freshly collected semen from males on the farm.
2 Consultancy services in the field of health and poultry, animal and camel diseases Diagnosis and treatment of all conditions
3 Technical consultancy in the field of embryo transfer Embryo transfer in different farm animals
4 Technical consultancy in animal and poultry breeding and genetic Ideal ways of breeding and industry of poultry
5 Diagnosis of wild animal diseases Detection, diagnosis and management of wild animal diseases.
6 Technical studies in the field of farm animal environment Heat stress on farm animals and poultry and ways to overcome its effect.
7 Evaluation of poultry & Ruminant feeds The quality of poultry feeds is determined by laboratory and field trials.
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:00am