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Membership of scientific societies

1.     Sudanese veterinary Association

2.     Saudi Biological Society;

3.     Sudanese society for reproduction of farm animals

4.     American Society for Poultry Science;

5.     Wild Camel Protection Foundation International;

6.     British Society for Food Science

7.     The American Society for Animal Science;

8.     The Royal British Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene;

9.     The Australian society for animal production;

10.  South African society for animal science;

11.  Saudi Society for Agricultural Sciences

12.  British Physiological Society;

13.  British society for endocrinology;

14.  British Fertility Society;

15.  The American society for Embryo transfer;

16.  World Federation of Parasitologists;

17.  International Society of Camelids Research and

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:00am