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قاعدة بيانات الأبحاث العلمية

اسم الباحث العنوان المجلة عام النشر Doi
Qaid, Mohammed M.; Mansour, Lamjed; Al-Garadi, Maged A.; Alqhtani, Abdulmohsen H.; Al-abdullatif, Ab Evaluation of the anticoccidial effect of traditional medicinal plants, Cinnamomum verum bark and Rumex nervosus leaves in experimentally infected broiler chickens with Eimeria tenella Ital. J. Anim. Sci. 2022
Alqhtani, Abdulmohsen H.; Qaid, Mohammed M.; Al-Garadi, Maged A.; Al-abdullatif, Abdulaziz A.; Alhar Efficacy of Rumex nervosus leaves or Cinnamomum verum bark as natural growth promoters on the growth performance, immune responsiveness, and serum biochemical profile of broiler chickens Ital. J. Anim. Sci. 2022
Alshuniaber, Mohammad A.; Alshammari, Ghedeir M.; Eleawa, Samy M.; Yagoub, Abu ElGasim A.; Al-Khalif Camel milk protein hydrosylate alleviates hepatic steatosis and hypertension in high fructose-fed rats Pharm. Biol. 2022
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Alkhulaifi, Manal M.; Alqhtani, Abdulmohsen H.; Alharthi, Abdulrahman S.; Al Sulaiman, Ali R.; Abuda Influence of prebiotic yeast cell wall extracts on growth performance, carcase attributes, biochemical metabolites, and intestinal morphology and bacteriology of broiler chickens challenged with Salmonella typhimurium and Clostridium perfringens Ital. J. Anim. Sci. 2022
Alharthi, Abdulrahman S.; Al Sulaiman, Ali R.; Aljumaah, Riyadh S.; Alabdullatif, Abdulaziz A.; Ferr The efficacy of bentonite and zeolite in reducing aflatoxin B1 toxicity on production performance and intestinal and hepatic health of broiler chickens Ital. J. Anim. Sci. 2022
Abdoun, Khalid A.; Altahir, Osman A.; Alsagan, Ahmed A.; Alsaiady, Mohammed Y.; Alshaikhi, Ali M.; A Effect of irrigation frequency and selenium fertilization on the vegetative growth and biomass yield of Moringa oleifera and Moringa peregrina Sci Rep 2022
Liu, Zhen; Cheng, Shen; Liu, Xiao-Qing; Kuca, Kamil; Hashem, Abeer; Al-Arjani, Al-Bandari Fahad F.; Cloning of a CHS gene of Poncirus trifoliata and its expression in response to soil water deficit and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Front. Plant Sci. 2022
Alharbi, Hattan A.; Hameed, Bassim H.; Alotaibi, Khaled D.; Aloud, Saud S.; Al-Modaihsh, Abdullah S. Mesoporous Activated Carbon from Leaf Sheath Date Palm Fibers by Microwave-Assisted Phosphoric Acid Activation for Efficient Dye Adsorption ACS Omega 2022
Abdelrahman, Mutassim M.; Alhidary, Ibrahim A.; Alobre, Mohsen M.; Matar, Abdulkareem M.; Alharthi, Regional and Seasonal Variability of Mineral Patterns in Some Organs of Slaughtered One-Humped Camels [Camelus dromedarius] from Saudi Arabia Animals 2022
Rafique, Muhammad I.; Ahmad, Munir; Al-Wabel, Mohammad I.; Ahmad, Jahangir; Al-Farraj, Abdullah S. Mitigating the Toxic Effects of Chromium on Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Seed Germination and Seedling Growth by Using Biochar and Polymer-Modified Biochar in Contaminated Soil Sustainability 2022
Tahiri, Nor E. L. Houda; Saghrouchni, Hamza; Hamamouch, Noureddine; El Khomsi, Mostafa; Alzahrani, A Treatment with Glyphosate Induces Tolerance of Citrus Pathogens to Glyphosate and Fungicides but Not to 1,8-Cineole Molecules 2022
Sayyed, M. I.; Almurayshid, Mansour; Almasoud, Fahad I.; Alyahyawi, Amjad R.; Yasmin, Sabina; Elsafi Developed a New Radiation Shielding Absorber Composed of Waste Marble, Polyester, PbCO3, and CdO to Reduce Waste Marble Considering Environmental Safety Materials 2022
Abdelrahman, Mutassim; Alhidary, Ibrahim; Bahaddi, Majdi; Alobre, Mohsen; Aljumaah, Riyadh; Khan, Ri Interrelationship Between Rumen Fluid Minerals and Biological Tissues of Growing Lambs Fed Complete Feed Supplemented with Clionptilolite Pak. J. Zool. 2022
Al-Gaadi, Khalid A.; Madugundu, Rangaswamy; Tola, ElKamil; El-Hendawy, Salah; Marey, Samy Satellite-Based Determination of the Water Footprint of Carrots and Onions Grown in the Arid Climate of Saudi Arabia Remote Sens. 2022
Prasad, Monisha; Gatasheh, Mansour K.; Alshuniaber, Mohammad A.; Krishnamoorthy, Rajapandiyan; Rajag Impact of Glyphosate on the Development of Insulin Resistance in Experimental Diabetic Rats: Role of NFκB Signalling Pathways Antioxidants 2022
Salamatullah, Ahmad Mohammad Convolvulus arvensis: Antioxidant, Antibacterial, and Antifungal Properties of Chemically Profiled Essential Oils: An Approach against Nosocomial Infections Life-Basel 2022
Mubushar, Muhammad; El-Hendawy, Salah; Tahir, Muhammad Usman; Alotaibi, Majed; Mohammed, Nabil; Refa Assessing the Suitability of Multivariate Analysis for Stress Tolerance Indices, Biomass, and Grain Yield for Detecting Salt Tolerance in Advanced Spring Wheat Lines Irrigated with Saline Water under Field Conditions Agronomy-Basel 2022
Deng, Ci; Sun, Rui-Ting; Ma, Qiang; Yang, Qing-He; Zhou, Nong; Hashem, Abeer; Al-Arjani, Al-Bandari Mycorrhizal Effects on Active Components and Associated Gene Expressions in Leaves of Polygonum cuspidatum under P Stress Agronomy-Basel 2022
Liang, Sheng-Min; Li, Qiu-Shuang; Liu, Ming-Yang; Hashem, Abeer; Al-Arjani, Al-Bandari Fahad; Alenaz Mycorrhizal Effects on Growth and Expressions of Stress-Responsive Genes (aquaporins and SOSs) of Tomato under Salt Stress J. Fungi 2022
Javed, Muhammad Matloob; Al-Doss, Abdullah A.; Tahir, Muhammad Usman; Khan, Muhammad Altaf; El-Henda Assessing the Suitability of Selection Approaches and Genetic Diversity Analysis for Early Detection of Salt Tolerance of Barley Genotypes Agronomy-Basel 2022
Mushtaq, Hafiz Muhammad Saqib; Kamran, Muhammad; Alatawi, Fahad Jaber New species, new records, and re-descriptions of two species of the genus Oligonychus Berlese (Acari: Prostigmata: Tetranychidae) from Saudi Arabia Syst. Appl. Acarol. 2022
Altamimy, Khadijah M.; Alshammari, Ghedeir M.; Yagoub, Abu ElGasim A.; Albekairi, Norah A.; Alshehri Saudi Traditional Fermented Goat Milk Protects against Experimental Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease by Hypoglycaemic and Antioxidant Potentials FERMENTATION 2022
Bouslamti, Mohammed; Metouekel, Amira; Chelouati, Tarik; El Moussaoui, Abdelfattah; Barnossi, Azeddi Solanum elaeagnifolium Var. Obtusifolium (Dunal) Dunal: Antioxidant, Antibacterial, and Antifungal Activities of Polyphenol-Rich Extracts Chemically Characterized by Use of In Vitro and In Silico Approaches Molecules 2022
Mehriya, Moti Lal; Singh, Devendra; Verma, Aman; Saxena, Shailendra Nath; Alataway, Abed; Al-Othman, Effect of Date of Sowing and Spacing of Plants on Yield and Quality of Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) Grown in an Arid Environment Agronomy-Basel 2022
Ghafoor, Kashif; Al-Juhaimi, Fahad Y.; Babiker, Elfadil E.; Sarker, Md. Zaidul Islam; Ahmed, Isam A. Effects of Functional Edible Coatings and Storage on Bioactive Compounds, Antioxidant Properties and Sugars in Barhi Dates Horticulturae 2022
Akanji, Mutair A.; Ahmad, Munir; Al-Wabel, Mohammad I.; Al-Farraj, Abdullah S. F. Soil Phosphorus Fractionation and Bio-Availability in a Calcareous Soil as Affected by Conocarpus Waste Biochar and Its Acidified Derivative Agriculture-Basel 2022
Madugundu, Rangaswamy; Al-Gaadi, Khalid A.; Tola, ElKamil; Zeyada, Ahmed M.; Alameen, Ahmed A.; Edrr Impact of Field Topography and Soil Characteristics on the Productivity of Alfalfa and Rhodes Grass: RTK-GPS Survey and GIS Approach Agronomy-Basel 2022
Abd-ElGawad, Ahmed M.; Assaeed, Abdulaziz M.; Bonanomi, Giuliano; El-Amier, Yasser A. Ecological Insight, Anatomical Features, and Fiber Characterization of Leptadenia pyrotechnica (Forrsk.) Decne. as a Promising Resource Sustainability 2022