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College in Brief

    Agriculture contributes substantially to the national income and millions of people in Saudi Arabia are directly or indirectly involved in agriculture. Therefore, it is necessary to direct human, land and water resources for the benefit of an extensive agricultural improvement that keeps the contribution of agriculture sector to the national income at a high level. To achieve this goal, there was a need for an advanced agricultural institution. College of Food and Agricultural Sciences (formerly known as the College of Agriculture) was then founded at King Saud University in 1965 and the first group of students were admitted in the same year. The college prepares students for the provision of agriculture, food and environment. Many Saudi and Arab experts and researchers who are forming the base of the current agricultural development in the Kingdom and Arab countries, have graduated from the College of Food and Agricultural Sciences. This resulted in an expansion in cultivated area and an increase in food production including wheat, palm dates, dairy and poultry products, fish and vegetables.

    The College was situated in a beautiful palace in Olaishah, a neighborhood in western part of Riyadh City. In 1985, the College was moved to its new location along with other colleges at King Saud University main campus at Dirieah. It is comprised of eight departments issuing 10 B.Sc, and 13 M.Sc programs (in addition to 2 joint programs in biological diversity and environmental studies) and 3 Ph.D programs in Animal Production, Soil Science and Human nutrition for females. During the academic year of (1982-1983), a new major in nutrition and home economics was founded at the college. This major provided the Saudi girls with an educational opportunity preparing them for the provision of social care, nutrition within the context of the Islamic rules and Saudi social traditions.

   The College occupies building number 2, a three story building. Offices of the college administration, heads of departments, faculty members, administration of Agricultural Research and Experiment Station, Agriculture Research Center and Agricultural Extension Center are located at the second floor of the building. Class rooms, laboratories are situated at the first and ground floors. Laboratories are facilitated with modern equipment and apparatuses. This is reflected in students' achievements and quality of postgraduate and faculty research.


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College in Brief