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Research projects executed by the department:

A- projects carried out by the department with financial support from King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. Those projects were as follows:

1- Study of plant diseases and nematode diseases of plants at Al-Kharj region of Saudi Arabia. Project number (A.T.2-32).

2- Studies on the problem of termites in Saudi Arabia.

3- Possibility of re-use of treated sewage water in    Riyadh in agricultural irrigation and its health effects on humans, animals and plants. Project number (A. T.9-36).

 4- Potato diseases in Saudi Arabia and the use of tissue culture methods to get rid of pathogenic agents. Project number(A.T.10-81).

 5- Identification of cucurbit viruses in the central region of Saudi Arabia, and evaluation of susceptibility of cultivars of different plant species to the most important one. Project (A.T.14i-1).
6- A comprehensive study on the varroa mites on domestic and imported honey bee.

7- Medical insects and biting pests in Wadi Hanifa in Riyadh city.


8- Impact of the extensive use of pesticides on the environment in the areas of Rift Valley fever in Saudi Arabia and the reason for their reduction. Project number (47495 / G / 24).

9- The elimination of pesticide residues of two types of diazinon and atrazine in contaminated water by using ionizing radiation.

10- Forest inventory project in the south-western region of Saudi Arabia (Biological Studies) from 1421 to 1425.

11- natural chemical and biological control of pathologens causing seedlings wilting and death of some of vegetable crops in greenhouses in Riyadh region. Project number (MR - 8-50).

12– Survey of olive diseases in Riyadh and Al-Jouf regions. (M R - 8 -46).

13– Survey of pathogenic palm Fungi in Saudi Arabia.

B- Projects supported by the Research Center of the College of Food and Agriculture Sciences:

1-Chemical and microbial Specifications for public and health water in Riyadh city.


2-Survey of rodents and biting pests in Riyadh region and their control.

3-The impact of sewage water concentrates on phytotoxicity of some herbicides.

4-Malathion and Alventrotheion residues on wheat plants.

5-Some stored grain pesticides residues on wheat grains treated with them.

6-Pesticides residues on cucumber, tomatoes and their impact on blood components and cholinesterase enzyme.

7-The effect of pollinators activity and flowering dates on alfalfa seed production under of Riyadh region conditions.

8-Evaluation the effectiveness of the fungicide Alto-ambel.

9-Detection of elimination and  anti-feeding effects for some of the plants growing in Riyadh region.

10-Evaluation of some insecticides used in control of tomato fruit worm and determination the level of resistance to these pesticides.

11-Study of some factors affecting the development and spread of brown rot disease on potato under Local conditions.

12-Chemical treatments that weaken the plant's defenses against infections disease.

13-A new method to collect bee venom from bee communities and its effect on bees behavior.

14-Survey and definition of plant-parasitic nematodes in Onayza province.

15-Survey of the flies species associated with cattle in the province of Al-Kharj.

16-Response of green house-grown  cucumber cultivars to an isolate of zucchini yellow mosaic virus (ZYMV).

17-Study of fungi associated with wheat grains in the Kingdom regions.


18-Effect of cyst nematode infection on wheat and barley production under field conditions.

19-Assessment of the effectiveness of six pesticides used against the varroa mites on honey bees.

20-Bacteria and fungi associated with post-harvest diseases on plums, potatoes and tomatoes fruits in the local markets. (1425-1426 e)

21-Evaluation of some productive traits and the success rate of mating in queen honey bees from different strains under the conditions of the central region of the Kingdom. (1425-1427 e).

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