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The Internet world is a very useful one, but has one problem, IT IS SO BIG.

Here, we would like to suggest some links that are related to the academic and research interests of our department.  These links  are categorized into the main three divisions of the department, namely:





The Internet serves as a large "library" of entomology-related information. Below is a small selection of that "library" to assist you in your search for entomological information. Please select from the following pages for links on entomology and related sciences: 



Black Entomologists (BE)

BugLife - Invertebrate Conservation Trust

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Butterfly Conservation - Hampshire and Isle of Wight Branch

California Department of Food & Agriculture, Plant Pest Diagnostic Branch

Center for Systematic Entomology, Inc

Colleges and Universities Where Entomology is Studied

Council for Agricultural Science & Technology

Entomological Societies Listed by Continent

Entomology Students Organization

Hampshire Butterfly Conservation

Highland Biological Recording Group

International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature

International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants (IOBC)

National Federation for Biological Recording

National Science Collections Alliance

Other Organizations in Entomology and Related Disciplines

Shetland Entomological Group

Student Entomology Clubs

Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation



American Entomological Society

American Phytopathological Society

Association of Applied Insect Ecologists

Association of Natural Biocontrol ProducersInternational Society for Pest Information

Association Roussillonnaise d'Entomologie

British Dragonfly Society

Caddisfly Biodiversity & Systematics (University of Minnesota)

Coleopterists Society

Coleopterists Society

Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Entomological Society

Dragonfly Biodiversity (University of Puget Sound)

Entomological Society of America

Entomological Society of South Africa

Entomological Society of Washington

International Hemipterists Society

International Society of Arachnology

International Society of Chemical Ecology

International Society of Entomology

International Society of Hymenopterists

Lepidopterists Society

National Pest Management Association

Natural Science Collections Alliance

Orthopterists' Society

Pacific Coast Entomological Society

Royal Entomological Society

Society for In Vitro Biology

Society for Invertebrate Pathology

Society for Vector Ecology

Society of Systematic Biologists

State Entomological Societies

Tree of Life Web Project

Urban Entomological Society

Willi Hennig SocietyInsect-Specific Entomological Societies

Xerces Society dedicated to invertebrate conservation

Young Entomologists Society

Societies Links

Arthropod Collections Museum

Collecting and Preserving Insects

National Museum of Namibia - Entomology

Natal Museum

South African Museums

Albany Museum

Berkeley Natural History Museums

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum (Hawaii)

British Museum of Natural History (London, England)

California Academy of Science Department of Entomology

Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes

Coleccion Nacional de Insectos CNIN (Instituto de Biologica, UNAM, Mexico)

CSIRO Entomology (Australia)

Digital Library Project - Essig Museum Databases

Entomology Academic Programs

University of Pretoria, Department of Zoology and Entomology

University of Witwatersrand, Zoology

Rhodes University Entomology

Division of Insect Biology

Colorado State University

Amateur Entomologists

Amateur Entomologists' Society

Bug Club (Youth Club of the Amateur Entomologists' Society)

Miscellaneous Entomology & Fun Links

Entomology for Kids

CityBugs - Entomology for Children & Adults

Young Entomologists Society

General Entomology and Entomological Websites

Bugbios: shameless promotion of insect appreciation


Dragonfly Project

Entomological Data Information System

Entomology on the Web

Entomology Websites

Ephémères de France - Ephemeroptera of France

Ephemeroptera recording scheme

Forest Entomology Websites

Gordon's Entomological HomePage

Kendall Bioresearch

Leaf-mining website

Resources dealing with Entomology

Rob Hutchinson's Veterinary entomology homepage

Yahoo! Entomology Websites

Entomological Links

African BIG 12 Insects

African Parktown Prawn

Antlion Pit

Bug Bios

Butterfly Website

Cicada Pages (University of Michigan)

Digital Dragonfly Museum


Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dung Beetle Homepage

Entomology Index of Internet Resources

Field Guide to Insects of South Africa

Forensic Entomology

Fossil Dragonfly Wings

General Entomology and InvertebratesBladder Grasshoppers (Pneumoridae)

Head Louse Information - University of California - Davis

Insect Orders

Insect Recipes

Insect Sounds

Iowa State University (Entomology Index of Internet Resources)

Malaria Database

Malaria Foundation International

Neuroptera Home Page


Radar Entomology

Robber Flies (Asilidae)

South Africa Catalogue of Insects

Taxon Specific Links

UC Berkeley Arthropod Collections Links

Yukky Bugs

Cooperative Extension (College of Natural Resources)

Insect Orders:


















Coleoptera in South Africa


Harlequin Ladybird Survey

Stag Beetles

UK Ladybird Survey

Zim Beetles


Earwig Research Centre


Lepidoptera in South Africa

Bumblebee Pages

NHM Antcast - Live pictures from NHM Leaf cutter ant colony


Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies

Birdwing Butterflies of the World

Butterfly Monitoring Scheme

Eggs, Larvae and Pupae of Butterflies and Moths

Indonesian Lepidoptera and beetles

Irish Moth Recorders/Enthusiasts

Simply Birds and Moths

UK Butterflies

Worldwide Butterflies

Forest Insect Orders

ants, bees, sawflies, wasps, and allies (Hymenoptera)

beetles (Coleoptera)

bugs, cicadas, aphids and scale insects (Hemiptera)

butterflies, moths, and skippers (Lepidoptera)

cockroaches (Blattodea)

damselfies and dragonflies (Odonata)

earwigs (Dermaptera)

flies (Diptera)

grasshoppers (Orthoptera)

lacewings, allies (Neuroptera)

lice (Phthiraptera)

mantids (Mantodea)

silverfish, firebrats (Thysanura)

termites (Isoptera)

thrips (Thysanoptera)

walkingsticks (Phasmatodea)

Forest Insects

Bark Beetles

Beneficials and Insect Predators

Boring Insects

Chewing Insects

Foliage Feeding Insects


Misc Insects

Seed / Cone / Flower / Fruit Insects

Stinging / Biting / Nuisance Insects

Sucking Insects


Related Forest non-insect Organisms

harvestmen (Opiliones)

mites and ticks (Acari)

scorpions (Scorpiones)

spiders (Araneae)

Insect Images

BugBios images


Clemson University Arthropod Collection

forest & shade insect images Clemson University

forest insect images ForestryImages

insect drawings University of Illinois

Iowa State University's list

NAL forest insect images National Agricultural Library

USFS forest insect images USDA Forest Service, PNW Region

Illustrations etc

Barry Flahey - Card designs of accurately drawn insects

Peregrine Productions - colored insect identification plates

Image Categories

ants, bees, sawflies, wasps, and allies

beetles and weevils

bugs, cicadas, aphids and scale insects

butterflies, moths, and skippers


damselflies and dragonflies



grasshoppers, katydids, crickets

lacewings, antlions and others



silverfish, firebrats




Dried and Papered Insects

Bug Maniac

Other Invertebrates

Annelid Resources

British Tarantula Society

Entomological Livestock Group


mites and ticks


Snails Online

Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute - Hosts an annual conference on 'Arthropods in Captivity'


Trilobite Home page


Entomologist's Record - Leading journal, alternates with AES Bulletin for publication

Field Studies Council - Includes details of useful publications


B&S Entomological Services

Brunel Microscopes - Suppliers of Microscopes and accessories

GX Optical - Suppliers of Microscopes and accessories

GT EntoVision - imaging solutions for the entomological research community

Mapmate - Software for recording wildife data

Meiji Techno - Suppliers of Microscopes and accessories

Ornithoptera - entomological equipment suppliers

Pisces Conservation - Producers of software and CD-ROMS of interest to ecologists and naturalists

Watkins and Doncaster - Suppliers of Entomological equipment

Book Dealers

Essig Museum of Entomology

Florida State University Arthropod Collection

Harvard University (Museum of Comparative Zoology)

Hearst Museum of Anthropology

Hillside Books - Mail order for books, reprints, separata and equipment

Hillside Books - Mail order for books, reprints, separata and equipment

Illinois Natural History Survey

Insect Collections, Zoos, Museums, and Butterfly Gardens in North America

Instituto Biologica (INBio) (Costa Rica)

Los Angeles County Museum, Entomology

Museum of Paleontology

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

Natural History Museum

Ohio State University (OSU Insect Collection)

Pemberley Books - Natural History booksellers specializing in entomology

Pemberley Books - Natural History booksellers specializing in entomology

Smithsonian Institution, US National Museum of Natural History

State Museum of Cultural and Natural History, Honolulu, Hawai‘i

Steven Simpson Books - Specialist Natural History books

Steven Simpson Books - Specialist Natural History books

Systematic Entomology Laboratory (Beltsville, Maryland)

University and Jepson Herbaria

University Botanical Garden

University of Arkansas (Arthropod Museum)

University of California, Davis (Bohart Museum)

University of California, Riverside (Entomology Teaching & Research Museum)

University of Kansas (Natural History Museum)

University of Missouri (Wilbur R Enns Entomology Museum)

Washington State University (MT James Entomological Collection)

Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology Links:

American Phytopathological Society (APS).


Plant Pathology Links

American Bryological and Lichenological Society
American Fern Society
American Phytopathological Society (APS)
American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)
American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Australian Plant Pathology Society 
Botanical Society of America
British Mycological Society 
British Society for Plant Pathology
Danish Mycological Society
European Culture Collections' Organisation (ECCO) 
French Society for Microbiology (SFM)
International Mycological Association
International Society for Ecological Modelling (ISEM) 
International Society for Plant Pathology
Mycological Society of America
Mycological Society of San Francisco
Netherlands' Mycological Society
North American Mycological Association
Society for Invertebrate Pathology Home Page
Society of Nematologists Home Page
Society of Nematology
Southern African Society for Plant Pathology
Swedish Mycological Society
The complete list of NA mushroom clubs is at North American Mycological Societies
World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC)

Auburn University - Department of Plant Pathology 
Botanical Society of America
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University
Department of Botany, University of Guelph
Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois
Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology, The University of Tennessee
Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, Mississippi State University
Department of Plant Pathology - Ithaca 
Department of Plant Pathology & Physiology, Clemson University
Department of Plant Pathology, Arizona, State University
Department of Plant Pathology, Cornell University
Department of Plant Pathology, Iowa State University
Department of Plant Pathology, Kansas State University
Department of Plant Pathology, Montana State University
Department of Plant Pathology, Oklahoma State University
Department of Plant Pathology, RES
Department of Plant Pathology, Texas A& M
Department of Plant Pathology, U.C. Riverside
Department of Plant Pathology, University of Arizona
Department of Plant Pathology, University of Georgia
Department of Plant Pathology, University of Illinois
Department of Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky
Department of Plant Pathology, University of Minnesota
Department of Plant Pathology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Department of Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Department of Plant Pathology, Washington State University
Entomology & Plant Pathology at Oklahoma State University
Lincoln Plant Pathology, University of Nebraska 
MSU Department of Botany and Plant Pathology 
NC State Plant Pathology Department 
NDSU Department of Plant Pathology 
Other Plant Pathology Departments on the WWW 
Penn State Plant Pathology 
Plant Pathology Laboratory at New Mexico State University 
Plant Pathology, Ohio State University
Plant Pathology, University of Idaho
Purdue University Botany & Plant Pathology
South Dakota State University Plant Science Department

Nematode Sites
A New Description of the Process of Identification of Plant-Parasitic Nematode Genera
Animal Parasitic Nematodes
Basic Nematology at USDA
Biological Control of Nematodes
Books, Journals, and Other Sources of Information in Nematology
C. Elegans WWW Server Home
Companies with Interests in Parasitic Nematode Control
Cooperative Regional Research Project, Northeast Region
Cornell University Biocontrol site: Nematodes
Crop Rotation for Nematode Management
Department of Nematology - UC Davis
Development and Use of Nematode-Resistant Varieties - UC Davis
Entomopathogenic Nematodes
Entomopathogenic Nematology at Rutgers
Evaluation of Cover Crops for Impact on Soybean Cyst Nematode and the Agronomic Impact of Cover Crops
Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Florida Nematode Control Guide
Forest Health Update: Pinewood Nematode - USDA Forest Service
Foundations and International Agencies With a Nematode Interest
Free-Living Terrestrial Nematodes
Further nematology links at Beltsville, MD
General Nematology Information
Government Agencies and Labs With a Nematode Interest
Host Plant Resistance (HPR) against Nematodes - UC Davis
How to Identify and Manage Pine Wilt Disease and Treat Wood Products Infested by the Pinewood Nematodes - USDA Forest Service
Images of Nematodes
Insect Parasitic Nematodes
Insect parasitic nematodes - COLORADO STATE Cooperative Extension
Interactive Diagnostic Key and Other Associated References
Internet IPM/CICP resources on Nematology 
Introduction to Plant-Parasitic Nematodes - APS Plant Health Instructor
Journals Covering Nematodes
Lownsbery Nematode-Host Association Database
Management of the Soybean Cyst Nematode
Marine & Freshwater Nematodes
Maryland Department of Agriculture
Midwest Biological Control News
Multi-Language Nematode Sites on the Internet
National Needs and Priorities in Nematology
Nebraska University Nema Page 
NEMABASE Nematode-Host Association Database
Nematode Evolution
Nematode Genomics
Nematode Management Resources
Nematode Net Genome Sequencing Center
Nematode Suppressive Crops Auburn University
Nematode-Host Resources
Nematology at UCRiverside 
Nematology Employment Bulletin
Nematology in Florida 
Ohio Soybean Council Home Page
Other Lists of Nematode Sites
Parasitic Nematodes Home Page
Parasitic Nematodes Home Page
Parasitic Nematodes Home Page
Pinewood Nematodes
Plant Parasitic Nematodes
Plant Parasitic Nematodes - NC State University
Professional Organizations with a Nematode Interest
Professional Resources
SCN Coliation
SCN Home Page
Society of Nematologists Home page
Soybean Cyst Nematode
Soybean Cyst Nematode Management Guide
Stem Nematodes at UCDavis 
Taxonomy of Entomopathogenic Nematodes 
The Home and Garden Information Center Home
The Home and Garden Information Center Plant Diagnostic Web Site
The Pinewood Nematode - APS Exotic Forest Pests
The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book
The USDA Nematology Lab Home Page
The Virtual Nematode
UC-Davis Dept. of Nematology
University Departments and Labs With a Nematode Interest
University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service
UNL Nematology Lab
USDA Nematology Lab Home Page
Vector Relationships in the Pine Wilt System - APS Exotic Forest Pests

Fungal Sites
2nd International Conference on Mycorrhiza
A Closer Look at Mushrooms
A Mycological Voice From The Past
Australian National Botanic Gardens: Fungi Web Site
Biological Diversity: Fungi
British Fungi Database
Building Air Quality Investigation, Sick Building Remediation 
Common Names of Plant Diseases
Common Smut
Cryptogams in Depth
Database of Descriptions of Ectomycorrhizae
Diversity of the Kingdom Fungi: an Interactive Phylogenetic Tree
Ectomycorrhizal Fungi of Eucalypts
Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms
Evil Ferment of the Earth: Mushrooms
Food From Decay
Forest Pathology and Control
Fun Facts About Fungi
Fungi and Mushrooms
Fungi of Australia
Fungi: An Introduction
HSU -- Botany 360
Introduction to Fall Mushrooms
Introduction to Lichens
Introduction to Mushrooms
Introduction to the Fungi
Introductory Mycology
Lichenland: Fun with Lichens
Microscopic Features of the Gilled Fungi: A guide for beginners & intermediates
Molds: Isolation, Cultivation, & Identification
Morels, Truffles and other Spring Mushrooms
Mushroom Hunting
Mushroom mailing list
Mushroom Mania...Is it for you?
Mushroomers Online
Mycological Aspects of Indoor Environmental Quality 
Mycology at Kew
Mycorrihizas Webpage
Native Truffles - Fun Guys
Natural Perspective
Natural Perspective: Fungus Kingdom
North American Mushroom Basics 
North West Fungus Group
Plasmodiophorid Home Page
Rainforest Fungi
Rhizoctonia Brown Patch Disease of Turf.
RoadTrip America: Fun with Fungi
RoadTrip America: Helen Gale
Smut versus Huitlacoche
Something humongous
Sorting the Names of Fungi for the Multilingual Mycophile & Mycologist
Spore discharge and dispersal in mushrooms
Spotlight on Fungi
Stinkhorn mushroom juice
Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis 
Sydney Fungal Studies Group
The Amazing Fungi
The Aspergillus Website 
The Fifth Kingdom
The Fungiman's Home Page
The Microbial World: The Fungal Web
The Mushroom Festival
The Mycena Page
Wild Mushrooms
Winema Nat'l Forest Mushroom Info
Woodchip fungi
Zoosporic Fungi Online

Bacterial Sites
Bacterial Names in Nomenclature
Clinical Microbiology Reviews 
Cyanosite: A Webserver for Cyanobacterial Research 
Division M: Bacteriophage 
E. coli Database Collection 
E.coli in Drinking Water 
EcoCyc: Encyclopedia of E. coli Genes and Metabolism 
Eukaryotes in Extreme Environments 
Eukaryotes in Extreme Environments 
Food Safety: Organisms of Concern 
Food Safety: Organisms of Concern 
Group B Strep Support 
Infection and Immunity 
Infection and Immunity 
Infection Detection Protection
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 
International Society for Plant PathologieEuzéby : List of Bacterial Names
Journal of Bacteriology 
List of Bacterial Names with Standing in Nomenclature
Microbial World
Protist Image Data
Scientific Journals: Microbiology
UK NEQAS for Microbiology

Viral Sites
"Acta Virologica"
"An introduction to molecular"
"Antiviral research"
"Arichives of Virology" - abstracts
"ENTREZ" - NCBI database
"Infection, Genetics and Evolution"
"Journal of Clinical Virology"
"Journal of General Virology"
"Journal of Virological Methods"
"Journal of Virology"
"Molecular Plant Pathology Online"
"Plant virusese on-line"
"Symptoms of virus diseases in plants"
"The Big Picture Book of Viruses"
"The EMBO Journal" - full articles
"The universal virus database"
"Virus databases on-line"
"Virus research"
All the Virology on the WWW
American Type Culture Collection - Plant Virology
Digitized electron micrographs of plant and animal viruses"
Institute of Molecular Virology, University of Wisconsin
Virology - Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book (PPIGB)
Virology - Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book (PPIGB)
Virology URLs
Yahoo Index to Plant Viruses

Weed Site
Common Weed Seedlings in Michigan
Indiana Plants Poisonous to Livestock and Pets
Indiana Plants Poisonous to Livestock and Pets
North Central Weed Science Society (NCWSS) 
Purdue Weed Science
Weed Control and Identification
Weed Images and Descriptions
Weed Science Society of America (WSSA)
Yahoo Index to Weed Control

Forest Pathology Sites
Common Tree Diseases of British Columbia
Cool sites dealing with general plant pathology
Database of Descriptions of Ectomycorrhizae
Exotic Forest Pests
Forest & Shade Tree Pathology
Forest Pathology Course
Forest Pathology Herbarium
Forest Pathology on the Web
Forest Pathology websites
Guide to Forest Diseases in the Western U.S.
International Tree Failure Database
Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the PNW
Mycological Resources on the Internet
NAFC's Exotic Forest Pest Information System
NW Wood-Destroying Pest ID Key
Online Guide to Plant Disease Control - Oregon State University
Parasitic Plant Connection
Pine Pitch Canker Website
Plasmodiophorid Home Page
Sudden Oak Death
The Mistletoe Center
The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book
Tree Fruit Pathology

Plant Molecular Biology
ABRC - Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
Annual Reviews in Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology
Cell Wall Genomics - Purdue University
European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Macintosh Molecular Programs (gopher)
MIPS - Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences
National Center for Biotechnology Info (NCBI)--GenBank
National Institute of Health (NIH)
NCGR - National Center for Genome Resources
NRC - Plant Biotechnology Institute in Canada
Protein Data Bank - Brookhaven National Labs
SDSC Biology Workbench
SIGnAL - Salk Institute Genomic Analysis Laboratory
TAIR - The Arabidopsis Information Resource
TIGR - The Institute for Genomic Research
WallBioNet - Michigan State University
Yahoo Index to Agricultural Biotechnology
Yahoo Index to Molecular Biology

Forest Pathology Herbarium
Harvard University Herbaria
Herbaria of the New York Botanical Gardens
Herbarium of the Illinois Natural History Survey
Michigan State University Herbarium
Ohio State University's Museum of Biological Diversity
Oregon State University Herbarium
Plant Resource Center, Univ. of Texas
Southern Illinois University Herbarium
U.C. Berkeley University and Jepson Herbaria
University of Arizona Herbarium
University of Connecticut - Plant Database
University of Florida Herbarium
University of Georgia Herbarium
University of Michigan Herbarium
University of Minnesota Herbarium
Yahoo Index to Herbaria

Guide Books
Alberta Crop Guide 
Florida Nematode Control Guide
Online Guide to Plant Disease Control - Oregon State University
Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book
Seed Treatment Guide 
The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book
Wheat Diseases&Pests 
Winter Wheat Production Guidebook 

Image Sites
A revision of Collybia s.l. in the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada
Aaron's Mushroom Journals
Agaricales of the Hawaiian Islands
Amanita Studies
Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles
BioImages: The Virtual Field-Guide (UK): FUNGI (fungi, moulds and lichens)
Cal Photos: Fungi
Corné van den Bosch
David Work's Mushrooms
Eileen's Mushroom Mania
forest pathogen images
forest pathogen images ForestryImages
Fungi Images on the Net
Fungi Photos
George Barron's Fungi of Canada -- East
Home of the Xylariaceae
Hunting for Mushrooms
Images of Nematodes
Images of Plant Diseases from Iowa State University
Key to Armillaria
Kinok-ya: Portraits of Mushrooms from Japan
Les Champignons D'Oleron
Macrofungi of Costa Rica
Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens Mushroom Guide
Morten's Tricholoma Page 
Mostly Fungal Photos
Mushrooms and Toadstools
Mushrooms and Toadstools of the Netherlands
Mushrooms of Middle and South Ural
Mushrooms of the Chicago region
Nathan's Fungi Page
Page perso de JJ.Wuilbaut
Pamela's Mushrooms
PezWeb: Western North American Pezizales
Photogalerie des Pilzvereins der Region Baden
Photographs of Kansas Mushrooms
photos of common forest diseases
photos of common forest diseases M. Elliott, Univ. of Washington
Plant Disease Control Picture Index
Plant Disease Control Picture Index Oregon State Univ. Extension
Protist Image Data
Protist Image Data University of Montreal
R. A. Chilton's Fungi Photos
Rain Forest Mushrooms
Resupinate Aphyllophorales
Roger's Mushrooms
Selected Fungi, Nature and Nautical Photographs
Société Mycologique Vaudoise - Photos Eric Strauss
Systematic Studies in Discomycetes: Pezizales
Taylor F. Lockwood's Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi
The Agaricales of Java and Bali
The Big Picture Book of Viruses
The Boletes of California
The Fungi of California
The Fungi of Southern England
The Genus Flammulina
The Mushroom Genus Laccaria in North America
The Mushrooms of Nicaragua
The Phlegmacium Website
The Russulales Website
Toshiro's photo gallery of Boletes and other mushrooms
Visual Fungi
Weed Images and Descriptions




Pesticides Links:

PAN Pesticides Database 

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