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1- Practical Microbiology.

2- Insect and animal pests, and their control measures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3- Principles of plant protection.

4- Introductory to Plant Nematology.

5- Arthropoda with medical and veterinary importance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

6- Pests of grains and stored materials, and their measures of control.

7 - Diagnosis of plant diseases (Translated).

8- Diseases of greenhouse plants (Translated).

9- Vegetable diseases in greenhouses and open fields.

10- Date palm diseases.

11- Agricultural insects.

12- Pollution and the agricultural environment.

13- Ornamental plants of the inside decoration, and their diseases.

14- Insects of Saudi Arabia

            Vol. I: A Survey of the recorded insects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

            Vol. II : A List of plant-nutritive insects.

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