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Master   Program

Master of Science in Soil Sciences Department, College of Agricultural and Food Sciences, King Saud University

Soil Science Department, King Saud University offers graduate program leading to M.Sc. degree in soil science since 1403 (1983). Since then, the program had gone through several stages to meet the requirement of Saudi Agricultural sector in the area of soil science. The latest of those stages was in year 2002 (1422). The program requirements are 28 credit hours and preparation of thesis in one of soil science areas such as: Environmental soil physics, Environmental soil chemistry, Soil Pedology, Soil mineralogy, Soil fertility and plant nutrition, Soil microbiology, Soil and water management, Soil plant water relationships, Soil and water contamination, The use of remote sensing in land survey and evaluation. The main goal of this program is to train workers in agriculture sector in the area of soil and environmental sciences under the Saudi conditions.


Program Objectives

1-  Activate scientific research with emphasis on soil environment.

2-  Support  the   cooperation  between  university  and  the  concerned private and governmental organizations.

3-  Create   new   chances   and   opportunities   to   graduate   students   in soil   andenvironmental sciences




1.  Admission is open to all qualified students who hold bachelor's degree in soil  science or other related specialization from King Saud University or university that grants degrees recognized by King Saud University.

2.  Students should pass personal meeting with department graduate committee.


Degree requirements and study program

1- The study leading to M.Sc. in Soil Science is basically by courses and dissertation. The program requires a minimum of 28 units of graduate coursework distributed over 4 study levels according to the study plan.

2- The department decides the study plan for the students before the end of the second study level based on the minor specialization.

3-  he student is required to study English language course at the first level, but does not require for the students who has a TOEFL score of 450 or the students having B.Sc. degree from non-Arabic university with English study language.



Master in environmental Science

    Soil Science has strong involvements in King Saud University program which offer a Master degree in Environmental Science. Most of the courses offers in this program are taught by SOSC faculty members. Since our department is the leading in the environment science in King Saud University, In addition most of student's projects in the environmental master science program are done in our department. For more details about Master Degree in environmental Science please visit the link below:

Master in environmental Science

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