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Course Description


523 SOSC Soil, Water, and Plant Analysis Techniques                                   3(1+2)

            Fundamentals science of operating instruments and equipment of soil laboratory. Theories and procedures for chemical, physical, mineralogical, and biological analysis of soil, water, and plant materials. Applications of analysis methods in evaluation of soil fertility, water, and soil environment. Interpretation and discussion of results, and report writing and recommendations.

526 SOSC Environmental Soil Chemistry                                                       3(2+1)

            Soil phase interactions. Soil solution. Ion exchange properties. Factors affecting ion exchange. Charge distribution and the electrical double layer. Adsorption and ion exchange equations. Soil redox.

527 SOSC Irrigation Water Quality                                                                 2(2+0)  

            Molecular structure of water. Chemical and physical properties of irrigation water. Use of mathematics equation and models for water quality evaluation. Problems related to water quality. Use of sewage effluent and brackish water for irrigation. Criteria of sewage effluent. Water quality and its effect on environment.

528 SOSC Chemistry of Micronutrients in Soil                                               2(2+0)

            Distribution and behavior of micronutrients in soil. Equilibrium of inorganic phase of micronutrients in soil. Adsorption reactions of micronutrients in soil. Organic matter reactions involving micronutrients in soil. Equilibrium of metal chelates in soil solution.  Movement of micronutrients in soil.

 532 SOSC Soil Fertility and Fertilizer                                                             3(2+1)

            Behavior and availability of mineral nutrients in soils - principle and methods of soil testing for fertility evaluation- soil tests for fertilizer recommendations, plant analysis and tissue tests as diagnostic tools for soil fertility status. The use of Isotope in soils.

543 SOSC Plant Nutrition                                                                                 3(2+1)  

            Mechanism and theories of ion absorption by plant roots in relation to ion activity, absorption energy of clay minerals and chelated compounds- effect of inorganic ions on quality and yield - ionic equilibrium inside and outside the plant cell.

553 SOSC Soil Genesis and Morphology                                                        3(2+1)

            Weathering of minerals and rocks in soil environment. Formation and stability of minerals in weathering environment. Evaluation of soil forming factors and processes. Designation of genetic soil horizons and layers in soil profile. Genesis and development of diagnostic surface and subsurface horizons with especial emphasis on arid regions. Degree of soil profile development. Introduction to soil classification systems. Genesis of some great soil groups in Saudi Arabia.

554 SOSC Soil Survey                                                                                     3(2+1)

            Purpose and kinks of soil survey. Design and implementation of survey. Role of remote sensing in soil survey. Kinds of mapping units. Components of soil survey report - Principals of land evaluation for different land use. Land capability classification. Field trips.

555 SOSC Soils of Saudi Arabia                                                                     2(2+0)

            Brief introduction to geomorphology and geology of the Kingdom. Factors and processes affecting the pedogenic formations of Kingdom soils. Soil survey and classification of Kingdom soils. Physical, chemical, and mineralogical properties of dominant soil groups and its fertility status. Soil limitations for agricultural use. Optimum soil management practices for dominant soil types.

564 SOSC Environmental Soil Physics                                                         3(2+1)

            Physical properties and processes of soils. Detailed study of soil water and potential and measurements. Theories of water flow in saturated and unsaturated soils. Principle of gases and solute movements in soils. Soil temperature and heat flow in soil. Spatial variability in soils.

565  SOSC Applied Soil Physics                                                                    3(2+1)

            The field water cycle: evaporation from soil, water Infiltration, redistribution of water in soils. Cases of water and solute flow in unsaturated soils. Ground water drainage and pollution. Factors influencing drainage. Irrigation and its relation to water use efficiency and water conservation. Application of soil physics to solving environmental problems.

566 SOSC Soil Erosion and Conservation                                                    3(3+0)

            Mechanics and processes of wind and water erosions. Surface runoff. Methods of soil erosion control. Prediction of soil erosion rates with emphasis in using computer models. Soil conservation effect on sustaining soil productivity. The environmental problems related to soil degradation due to erosion.

573 SOSC Soil Microbiology                                                                           3(2+1)

          Biological processes in soil.  Microbial succession.  Microbial  synergism and antagonism. Microbial equilibrium. Microbial gasses. Microbial toxins.  Microbial diversity of arid and semiarid soils. Oligotrophic microorganisms. Xenobiotic substances and their effect on soil microflora.

 574SOSC Microbial Pollution of Soil                                                               3(2+1)

            Microorganisms as soil pollutants and their sources, morphological, and physiological characteristics. Environmental factors affecting their activity.  Microbial inhibition of some important biological processes. Microbial viruses and their effect on nitrogen fixers. Nitrate, sulfate, phosphate reducing bacteria. Anaerobic oxidation of ammonia.  Pathogenic microorganisms in soil.

582 SOSC Soil Mineralogy                                                                                 3(2+1)

            Crystals. Crystal-chemistry. Physical, chemical, and crystallography properties of minerals. Classification of minerals. Silicate minerals. Clay minerals of phyllosilicat, fibrous, and tectosilicate (Kaolinite, Smectite, Vermiculite, Mica, Chlorite, Palygorskite, and Zeolites).

590 SOSC Special Studies                                                                                2(2+0)

            A study of selected topics in soil science under the supervision of staff member.

 595SOSC Seminar                                                                                            1(1+0)

            Discussion on topics in soil science prepared by students in their fields under the supervision of staff member.

600 SOSC Thesis
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