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Department of Agricultural Economics - College of Food and Agriculture Sciences, King Saud University

P.O. Box 2460, Riyadh 11451

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Department  Phones

Head of Department

Dr. Yosef Alamri


Faculty Office Numbers

Prof. Muhammad Al-Qunibit+966114678494
Prof. Safar Alqahtani+966114678386
Prof. Abdulaziz Alduwais+966114678498
Prof. Mahdi Alsultan+966114678761
Prof. Othman Alnashwan+966114678389
Prof. Adel Ghanem+966114678385
Dr. Mohammed Alnafesah+966114678499
Dr. Fouad Alaqsam+966114678508
Dr. Yosef Alamri+966114675626
Dr. Kamal Basheer+966114678384
Dr. Jawad Alhashim+966114678508
Dr. Emad Fathel+966114673750
Dr. Suliman Almojel+966114678506
Dr. Emad Aljohani+966114674073
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