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AgEcon - Community Service

Established a Department of Agricultural Economics and a workshop entitled"Marketing of dairy products"

Where he participated in a group of specialists has included talk of the workshop benefited from the college students attend private

Established a Department of Agricultural Economics course entitled "AdvancedStatistical Analysis using SPSS "

Where he participated in more than 30 students from the Faculty of Science of Food andAgriculture has found serious students to get more tournaments in the college of all sectionsof this ceremony will be held and the distribution of certificates at the end of this semester

Contribution to the Section in the area of services: -

Advisory services: section presents a number of counseling in the areas of specialization at the level of Departments and related consultancy with regard to aspects of statistical and quantitative analysis and design of experiments in addition to its cooperation with the government sectors and national and international bodies in the conduct of many studies, such as: King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology and the Regional Office for East Near the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO ) And the Ministry of Agriculture and Water and research centers on Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh.

 Education services: pay section particular attention to educational services that increase the efficiency of students and through the implementation of a detailed program of field visits to many areas of work in the agricultural companies and food specialized division also train students who are on the verge of graduation by providing them with skills necessary for scientific research, writing and discussing the reports Field research and scientific and objective manner, followed by a special laboratory section of Statistics and quantitative analysis, equipped with the latest computers that are used for the purposes of teaching and scientific research.

Training services: the department to participate in the lectures in the branches of agricultural economics at the training center Dir'iyya, and at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water . And community service.

 Research Services: Section interested in conducting research agricultural economic in many research areas, including marketing of agricultural production economics, agricultural costs, economic feasibility, price analysis, farm management, time series analysis of prices and quantities, agricultural policies at the farm level or the agricultural sector. And Section also give special attention to research relevant branches of the agricultural economy such as marketing, agricultural and farm management, agricultural finance, natural resources, planning and evaluation of agricultural projects and feasibility studies, and the economics of cost and production. ( WTO This section has recently an extensive study on the expected impacts of the Kingdom's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO )  On the agricultural sector and the strategy of agriculture in the Kingdom.

 Contribution to the section in the service of society:

  • Planning and evaluation of projects.
  • Agricultural marketing.
  • Management Elms parish.
  • Analysis of agricultural data.
  • Economics of agricultural production.
  • Samples.
  • Design and analysis of experiments.
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