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The Management Committee of Quality Assurance

Concerned  to ensure that all department areas and particularly focus on measuring the quality of output from the evidence, indicators and criteria, and its tasks:

  1. Define the scope of quality assurance processes.
  2. Management of of quality assurance.
  3. The use of indicators and benchmarks.
  4. Ensure compliance of department to quality standards in all the activities.

Administration Committee

Its concern is to focus on the department planning and administration:

Committee Tasks:

  • Periodically and continuous revision of the Department vision, mission, objectives, and ethics; and reminded the departmental staff and personals with them.
  • Set the performance indicators and the rules of administration quality measures.
  • Planning the short, medium, and long term plans.
  • Set the departmental policies and internal regulations.
  • Improve the environmental regulations and job concepts.


Dr. Mohamed Fouad I. Wahby                                           


Dr. Bakri Hussein Hassan

Dr. Ahmed Abdulrahman Al-Othman

Dr. Abdulelah A. Al-Faraj

Dr. Ibrahim M. Al-Helal

Learning and Teaching Committee, (B.Sc.)

This committee is dealing with characterizing of clearly learning outcomes in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and the correct professional practice.

Committee Tasks:

  • Evaluation of learning standards through proper evaluation and measurement of students learning outcome, assessment of teaching quality, effectiveness of programs through questionnaires, including students, graduates, and businessmen. The results based on these questionnaires are used in the plans for improvement.
  • Aides students in terms of education
  • Support for improving the quality of teaching and ensure quality, do some special activities designed to improve the efficiency of the learning process.
  • Determine the qualifications and experience of faculty members to ensure that those who have the necessary qualifications and experience necessary to carry out their responsibilities teaching.
  • Establish and develop programs of study and review.
  • Identify how the activities and performance of field experience and training.
  • Partnership arrangements with the companies and other organizations dealing with field trips and training.

Coordinator and Members:

  1. Dr. Fawzi Said Awad                           Coordinator
  2. K. Al-Gaadi                                        Member
  3. A. Al-Janobi                                        Member
  4. A. Al-Assiry                                        Member
  5. A. A. Sayed                                        Secretary of the Committee
  6. A. Mabrah                                           Member

Student Affairs Committee

This Committee is responsible for academic and other extracurricular advising, supporting services responsive to the students’ needs. Those services include activities such as religious practices, cultural, sports, and other services needed by undergraduate students.

Committee Tasks:

  • Identify new applicants with the academic program, admission criteria and their rights & obligations.
  • Create follow-up records for enrolled students and coordinating the advising process.
  • Assessment and development of services needed by the affiliated students.
  • Guide and help undergraduate students for their various needs.
  • Encourage and follow up students on their extracurricular activates.


Dr. Abdullah M. A. Alhamdan                        

Dr.Saleh Mufleh Ashaghathra Al-Sager

Dr. Alazba, A.A


Dr. Hussein Mohammed Ali Al-Ghobari

Facilities and equipment and learning resources Committee

This committee is concerned to provide the needs of the students according to the needs of the program and sufficient quantity such as reference books , computers, software , e - mail and the World Wide Web and reading and remembering places and help students search for books , references, and websites that they want.

Committee Tasks:

  • Planning and evaluation of these services and improve the response to the views of students and faculty members
  • Organization and support users
  • Coordination with the relevant authorities in providing the resources needed by the students
  • Provide a sufficient number of classrooms , laboratories and workshops and extra-curricular activities
  • The provision of training equipment , scientific research and information technology


A . Dr. Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al Hilal ( decision )

D . Hussein bin Mohammed dusty .

A . Dr. Saleh bin Abdul Rahman Alsuhaibani

A . Dr. Mohammed Fouad bin Ismail Wehbe.

Commission on Learning and Teaching ( Graduate )

This Committee is concerned with the characterization of the outcome of the students' learning clearly , and in line and the requirements of the labor market and the correct professional practice:

Committee Tasks:

  • Assessment of learning standards through proper assessments and measuring the outcome of student learning and evaluate the quality of teaching, and the effectiveness of programs through questionnaires , including students , alumni , business owners , also used the results of these questionnaires in the improvement plans
  • Help students from the educational
  • Support to improve the quality of teaching and quality assurance , and to do activities aimed at improving the efficiency of the teaching process
  • Determine the qualifications and experience of faculty members to ensure the availability of the necessary qualifications and experience necessary to carry out their teaching responsibilities
  • Establishment and development of academic programs and review
  • Determine how the performance of the activities of field experience and training
  • Sharing arrangements with other companies and institutions with regard to field visits and training


A . Dr. Bakri Hussain Hassan . ( Decision )

A . Dr. Mohammed Fouad bin Ismail Wehbe.

A . Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Ali fresh .

D . Abdul Ilah bin Abdul Aziz, the vulva.

Scientific Research Committee

This Committee is to activate the process of scientific research in the department and research production tracking and comparing it to the production of other similar departments.

Committee Tasks:

  • Establish scientific research policy for the department to achieve excellence in specific fields that yield positive impact on the programme and on the department.
  • Communicate with institutions, companies, official authorities and other departments for cooperation in scientific research.
  • Commercialization of scientific research and providing a follow up in registration of patents.
  • Develop criteria for assessing distinguished research.


1. Prof. Ahmed Ibrahim Alamoud                     (chairman)

2. Prof. Fawzi Saeed Awad                             (member)

3. Dr. Khaled Ali Al-Kaady                               (member)

4. Dr. Abdulelah Abdulaziz Al-Faraj                   (member)

5. Dr. Alhussein Muhammad Assairy                 (member)

6. Eng. Muhammad Fekry                              (member)

7. Eng. Ibrahim Muhammad Altweejry             (coordinator)

To attract and development committee of faculty members and staff

This Committee is concerned to ensure the availability of the necessary qualifications and experience of the members of faculty and staff the department:

Committee Tasks:

  • Development of employment policies and standards that can be evaluated as part of the quality assurance process
  • Attracting talent from faculty , staff and teaching assistants
  • Planning replacements for workers
  • Develop policies and stimulus discerning appreciation of the employees of the Department
  • Complaints and resolve disputes settlement


A . D . Saad bin Abdul Rahman al-Hamid. ( Decision )

A . Dr. Ahmed bin Ibrahim column.

D . Hussein bin Mohammed Al Asiri .

D . Abdul Ilah bin Abdul Aziz, the vulva.

Committee of Public Relations and Media

This committee aims to strengthen the relationship between the department and the social surroundings , in addition to providing services to assist in the development of society, and follow-up society 's perception of them as they adopt appropriate strategies in order to work to clarify the true image of the department and its contributions.

Committee Tasks:

  • Develop specific mechanisms to communicate with the community and the media
  • Participate in social events , exhibitions and other
  • Reload tariff for materials and services section and dissemination
  • A general description of good practice
  • Follow-up look to the section of the community in order to provide better services


D . Fahd bin Nasser Alkaak . ( Decision )

A . D . Abdullah bin Mohammed Al - Hamdan .

D . Ahmed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Othman .

D . Saleh bin Mofleh Al Saqr .

Updated portal committee

This Committee is concerned update site section and the Arab League.


D. Saad bin Abdul Rahman al-Hamid (decision)
D. Fahd bin Nasser Alkaaak,
M. Mohammed Al-Mutairi


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