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Laboratories Services
The Department of Animal Production's Laboratories provide analytical testing services. The labs offer services for a broad range of sample analysis and product testing. Capabilities range from routine testing to advanced analytical research. These are included in the following table:
NO Service Test
1 Feeds analysis Proximate analysis (moisture, ash, crude fiber, crude fat, crude protein, energy, minerals) for any type of animal feeds such as chicken feeds, cattle feeds, horse feeds, livestock feeds and aquaculture feeds, ...), and evaluate its nutritional value.
2 Diet formulation for farm animals Formulating diets for all types of farm animals according to their age and productivity using computer programs.
3 Evaluation of animal feeds using IN-VIVO technique Conducting digestion trials using farm animals.
4 Evaluation of animal feeds using IN-Vitro technique Conducting digestion trials using artificial rumen.
5 Complete analysis for fiber in roughage & pasture.
These include the determination of the following:
- Neutral detergent fiber (NDF)
- Acid detergent fiber (ADF)
- Hemicellulose
- Cellulose
- Lignin
- Acid Insoluble Ash (AIA)
- Cell contents
6 Minerals determination in feed samples Quantitative minerals analysis in feed samples using Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC).
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