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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Agricultural Biosystems and Irrigation Water Engineering


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List of courses

MATH 104: General Mathematics
GE 205:       Engineering Drawing for Agriculture Students
GE 206:       Mechanics (Statics and dynamics)
CHE 212:    Thermodynamics
ME 232:      Mechanics of Machinery
CE 251:       Surveying
SOSC 362:  Soil Water and plant Relationship
AGEN 202:  Computer Programming in Biological Systems
AGEN 203:  Fluid Mechanics
AGEN 220:  Mechanization of Farm Operations
AGEN 230:  Water and Irrigation systems
AGEN 301:  Measurement and Control in Biological Systems
AGEN 311:  Heat Transfer in Bio-systems
AGEN 322:  Farm Machinery
AGEN 325:  Engines and Agricultural Tractor
AGEN 332:  Hydrology and Hydraulics
AGEN 334:  Irrigation and Water Systems Engineering
AGEN 341:  Engineering Properties of Food and Biological Materials
AGEN 351:  Environment Control for Animal and Plant
AGEN 413:  Post harvest Equipment and Operations
AGEN 426:  Engineering Techniques in Precision Farming
AGEN 427:  Management and Operation of Agricultural Equipment
AGEN 428:  Testing and Selection of Agricultural Equipment
AGEN 437:  Hydraulics of wells and Pumps
AGEN 438:  Trickle and Sprinkle Irrigation Systems
AGEN 439:  Irrigation Water Resources Management and Development
AGEN 443:  Food and Bioprocess Engineering I
AGEN 445:  Food and Bioprocess Engineering II
AGEN 453:  Design and Plan for Agricultural Structures
AGEN 455:  Agricultural wastes treatment engineering
AGEN 491:  Graduation Project I

GE 102:      Workshop

AGEN 492:  Graduation Project II

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