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1-Title: Effect of Lycopene Extracted from Tomatoes on Oxidative Stress and Bone Metabolism in Rats

Student: Suha Hashem Abdul-Jawad 
Supervisor: Prof. Hamza Abu-Tarboush
Year: 1429 H

2-Title: Comparative study of the effect of conjugated Linoleic acid and Virgin Coconut oil on weight managment and oxidative stress in rats.

Stdent: Dina bint Mohamad Tarabzouni
Supervisor: Prof. Hamza Abu-Tarboush
Year: 1430 H

3-Title: Metabolic Syndrome and its relationship to the Food Habits of Saudis.

Student: Hannan Abdullah Al-Fawaz
Supervisor: Prof. Abdul Rahman Al-Khalifa and Dr. Adnan Bajaber
Year: 1430 H

4- Title: The Combined Effect of Virgion Olivr Oil and Linoleic Acid is associated with Type II Diabeted in rats.

Student Name: Hissah Abdullah Al-Hussaini
Supervisor: Prof. Hamza ABu-Tarboush and Dr. Omer AL-Attas
Year: 1431 H

5- Title: The impact of the ratio between the fatty acid desaturation several long-chain omega-6 and omega-3 dietary fatty acids content in the bone marrow and some of the biomarkers of bone metabolism in rabbits.

Student Name: Zoha Mustafa Nouri
Supervisor: Prof. Abdul Rahman Al-Khalifa
Year: 1432 H

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