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Farm Power and Machinery 
Engineering studies of  theoretical practical and applied courses dealing with the design, operation and management of farm tractors and machineries are the main interest of this area. 

Water and Irrigation Systems 
This branch emphasizes on planning and design of serious conventional irrigation methods such as surface irrigation and modern methods as sprinkler and drip irrigation. Besides concentration on box to utilize water resources. a stress is put on water conservation and efficient water use irrespective of the source of water. 

Food Process Engineering 
The food process engineering field deals with the geometric aspects of food processing based on some mathematical fundamentals in order to design processing operations and equipments required for altering raw plant and animal materials into products that are nutritious and high in quality. 

Agricultural Buildings and Environmental Control 
The field of agricultural buildings and environmental control applies the basic mathematical and engineering knowledge in various operations such as the design of building structures for agricultural animal and plant production and the choice of the optimum system for environmental control.

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