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Objectives : -

The development of student services and academic excellence through the use of the system and cooperation with academic units and faculty and its different sections.

Tasks Unit of Academic Affairs

Tables set up includes:
Dates of lectures
Determine classrooms for each division
Reload the names of faculty members
Formation of study groups to own levels
Coordinate the decisions of the people outside the college
Organize the processing of registration ( deletion - Added - change Division ) at the beginning of each semester and the summer semester .
C . Work tests include :

1 - Preparation of the General Schedule for tests.

2 - Prepare the agenda observers.

3 - observer of the progress of the tests.

4 - Follow-up sheets to monitor grades and modify the results.

5 - alternative testing procedures .

D . Preparation of reports on the numbers of students and lists outstanding students .

E . Prepare a list of deprivation for students.

G . Students study the cases of defaulters and latecomers and re- entry and reporting of their own.

H . Direct response to inquiries from students about the conversion , deletions and apologize and the equation of the materials and issue a certificate of good conduct .

I . Follow-up transactions incoming and outgoing of the unit and answered.

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