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  • The leader should be familiar with the regulations in the university academic plan and section and specialties .
  • Areas of work available to allocate .
  • That strives to educate himself in the field of counseling to be able to benefit students .
  • Leader puts a special file for each student tripped or unexpected stumbling even easier for his follow-up , and will be coordinated with the Deanship of Admission to give all the power to guide students to enter information such as tables and academic results for students in the department who shall guide them and follow up .
  • Follow the students during their studies , especially delinquent or expected stumbling onto for academic reasons and coordination with the head of the department regarding the request of faculty members to raise the names of these students to mentor , especially after the quarterly examinations where the results seem low , as well as for students who frequent absence from lectures ( who exceeded 15% in the fourth week and 20 % at the end of the eighth week ) or who observes them the professor repeated some phenomena such as sleeping during lectures or distractibility or otherwise.
  • The leader to call these students and look at the reasons and try to solve them in appropriate ways and after coordination with the instructor ( especially roads academic suggestion exams alternative or increasing doses teaching or otherwise .. ) and the use of Palmaidyn , lecturers and students of the unit guidance to help these defaulters and develop plans to lift them from tripping .
  • If not able leader and the unity of the guidance in the section of the solution to the problem of tripping the student unfurled the matter to the head of the department , and the leader continue to pursue the case with the competent authority the university counseling center .
  • Should guide assist the student in the analysis of his situation and directing it to the appropriate steps to be followed to face the problems that plague them before they worsen their impact on and put the school , and when noticed guide the student fails to solve the problem and its inability to meet the challenges of social and psychological must be directed to the second level of guidance Lifting the situation and to the department head .
  • A guide that explains to the student that the interview guide psycho-social does not mean that the patient also has to reassures the same confidentiality issue.
  • The leader touch the outstanding students in the department and to communicate with them and coordinate with the department head and the other members to urge them to continue their distinctiveness and the removal of obstacles on their way and raise their names to the Vice Dean to be uploaded to the supervisor of the Counseling Center at the university is to communicate with them and encourage them and establish their own programs .
  • Encourage students to mentor and encourage them to read the bulletins issued by the Dean of Student Affairs and attend courses held by regarding counseling and other skills .
  • Help students to take the right decision for the selection of specialization according to their potential and interests and practical needs of the labor market .
  • Each guide is required to take a course on counseling and ways to deal with students and their problems by Deanship of Skills Development .
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