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Courses Offered in the Faculty Current Study Plan for the Different B.Sc. Programs

104 Agext: Introduction to Agriculture 2 (2+0)

Concept of agriculture, history of agriculture as a human activity, the role of agriculture in the different aspects and activities of life (social, economic and environment), specializations and areas of studies in agricultural sciences, Saudi agriculture, development of Saudi agriculture, sustainable agriculture (concepts, history and aspects), the role of Saudi agriculture in food and water security, environment , economic and social services, the future of agriculture as a profession in Saudi Arabia.
Course groups offer this semester:
17921, 17922, 17923, 17924, 17925, 17926, 17927, 17928, 17929,17930, 17931,17932
203 Agext.: Communication skills 2 (1+1)
The concept of communication, human communication models and its application in agriculture, communication elements, types of communication, the role of language in communication, development of listening skills, development of speech and speaking skills, development of written communication skills, development of non-verbal communication skills, development of presentation skills, development of meetings management skills, report preparation and writings, and data presentation.
(Course groups offered this semester,
1800, 1802, 1804, 1806, 1808)
301 Agext:
Extension Applications 2
This course aims at training students to apply the results of agricultural sciences research through developing of agricultural extension programs in their scientific areas of specialization.

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