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About College

Agricultural education occupies a prominent place for being one of the important elements of investment in human resources to produce qualified manpower to fill leadership positions in agricultural activities.

In order for the agricultural renaissance in Saudi agricultural architecture on solid foundations and a well-established rules of agricultural knowledge and scientific research was an urgent need for the establishment of the Agricultural College.

So established College of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the beginning of the academic year 1385/1386 AH corresponding to 1965 under the name College of Agriculture, the first college in the agricultural sciences in the region of the Arabian Peninsula to take over the graduation of engineers and specialists of agricultural and researchers in the fields of agricultural science, the environment and food, and in the academic year 1424/1425 its name was changed College to the College of food and Agricultural Sciences.

Includes total of eight sections of specialized scientific, namely: "Plant Production Department and the Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology and the Department of Animal Production and Plant Protection Department and the Department of Agricultural Engineering and the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Economics Department and the Department of Food Science and Nutrition," students ", the college offers 26 degree levels of bachelor's and masterand doctoral degrees, and all sections of the College offers programs for master stage, in addition to the joint master's program with other faculties of the university (biodiversity program with the Faculty of Science and environment Program  with the Colleges of Pharmacy and Science and Engineering).

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About College